Sacrament Formation

First Holy Communion and

First Reconciliation


Children are prepared to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist in Second Grade.


In both day school and PSR children learn why we celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation and are introduced to the celebration of the sacrament by role playing and a practice session in church before the actual sacrament is celebrated. Over the course of two evenings, children – and their parents! – celebrate their First Reconciliation.

First Holy Communion

Following Reconciliation, the students prepare to receive Holy Communion.  The celebrations are scheduled at weekend Masses during the Easter Season.

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First Communion Formation Calendar.

Students Seeking Confirmation

At St. Christopher, this sacrament is offered to registered 8th grade parishioners.  Generally following the academic year, students meet the first Sunday of each month for large group session.  This program is in addition to the 8th grade PSR oe school religion class.  Candidates are invited to participate in one day-long retreat, where they reflect deeper on the commitment of Confirmation and building the community.

Service and justice are a core components of Confirmation preparation. The first Saturday of December is designated Confirmation Service Saturday. Students serve one day at approximately 12 pre-arranged agencies across the Diocese (such as Moriah House, St. Malachi, St. Coleman, and Ennis Court) – building community within the Confirmation class and beyond


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Confirmation Preparation Calendar.



Christian Initiation for Children

Non-infant children are invited into the Church through an adaptation of the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults.  Please contact Sharon Armstrong directly at 440-331-6226 X 402 so that she can assess your needs and how this process might look for the child.

Adults Seeking Confirmation

Adults who have not yet been confirmed are invited to begin the formation process by contacting Sharon Armstrong at 440-331-6226 X 402.